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When it comes to a corporate website every organisation has different needs. At SOUNDIDEA we start every website project with a full consultation to determine the client’s needs and specifications. 


Our Process

Throughout every step of the process, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is considered: in other words, we design every website to succeed in search engines. Although we can develop on any platform, we pride ourselves on using our own Content Management System.
For more information on the Collective Mind CMS click here.

  • Website Consultation

    Every website design is discussed at length with the client to determine look and feel, and navigational design. Before every design is developed the structure of the website is also carefully planned out to ensure that the design compliments international SEO standards and practices.

  • Website Design

    • We provide the client with mockups based on our initial consultation.
    • In the case of a complex website a storyboard is also provided.
    • The client is given a project plan with milestones indicated – we are available for communication at any time.
    • Key meetings are arranged at project milestone points.

    UX (User experience design) is carefully considered and implemented throughout to ensure website visitors can negotiate your website intuitively.  

    All website design is adapted to responsive design best practices and standards, to ensure your corporate website is accessible and functional on all devices (Computers, Tablets or Smartphones).  

  • Website Completion and Launch

    Once the website is completed, it is run through a testing and revision phase to ensure full functionality and client satisfaction, before being launched.

  • After Sales Services

    We provide hosting, technical support, backups and security. We also provide every client with comprehensive training on our CMS.

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