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CollectiveMind CMS

CollectiveMind CMS is a powerful enterprise Content Management System developed by Sound Idea - one of South Africa's most innovative software developers.

In today's highly driven information economy, the CollectiveMind CMS offers users a solution to the demand placed on the corporate environment to supply employees and business owners with a comprehensive package to assist in the collection, compiling, management and dispersal of information and knowledge both internally and externally.

A Content Management System is a Web-based application that is used by companies and organisations to collect, update and relay information on a self-updateable administrative Web-based system. The entire site can be managed, tasks can be delegated and the site can be run by a simple graphic interface.

The application provides the website's core functionality. Used as a company starting page, news, announcements and items of interest will be visible here. The system grants specific people the ability to log on and update the site content. Updating the site content is as simple as using a word-processor and requires no advanced understanding of HTML or its concepts. On a regular basis, content on the site can be e-mailed out to specified groups of people within the company or those on your database.

By offering our customers a unique perspective on information management, the CollectiveMind exists as a unique product amongst the rest, by combining tried and tested modules for everything from basic site layout to e-mail newsletters and online surveys and polls.

The CollectiveMind offers you all modules in one all-inclusive package, and because we know that no one company is the same, the Collective Mind is customised to suit each company's individual needs from the word go!

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